COVID-19 UPDATE 7/28/2020

We are planning to have a temporary store hours in August, Monday - Sat 10 am - 4 pm. Please call for Saturdays as we may be out shooting events.

We will be taking portrait in the studio, but at this point limited to individual business/auditioning/modeling portraits and passport photos only, no groups. The photographer will be wearing a mask and maintain safe distance with subjects. Weather permitting, both front and back doors will be opened during photo shoots.

We have limited printing capability, mainly 16x20 or larger. Our main printer (that handles 4x6 up to 11x14) is still in storage, and will take quite some efforts and expenses to bring it back to work. We will do this when situation stabilize; having to shut it down again would be a nightmare.

Outdoor location family/event shoots are going as usual.

Please email or call 609 799-3900 for appointment or questions (please leave a message if not answered).

To ensure everybody's safety, a properly worn mask/face covering is required to enter the store with max number of 2 customers in the store at a time. We will wipe off counter tops and door handles periodically with sanitizing wipes and have hand sanitizer on our counter top.

Any updates on our operations will be posted here.

Thank you for everything!




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